RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 4/1
Date26 Oct 1368
DescriptionApud Macclesfeld die Jouis prox ante fest Omnium Sanctorum.

Parties: 1. William le Aumbler chaplain, Henry son of John del Lowe, John Edkus and Elena his wife, Margery daughter of Adam Edussone and Agnes her sister, 2. William del Dounes.

Witnesses: Richard del Rowe mayor of the town of Macclesfeld [Macclesfield], Richard Slegh, Henry Diote(s), John de Sondford, Alan Pieresson.

Quitclaim; defeasance with Warranty contra omnes gentes, of all party 1's claims upon messuages, lands and tenements in the township of Macclesfeld [Macclesfield], and two "seldas" - shops or stalls - in the market place there, lately held by William de Shadkirke chaplain their ancestor by grant and as of fee of Richard Typpinge(s); which after the death of the said William de Shadkirke should have descended to them as his right heirs.

Mark: C. 1. 11. 42.E.3. Macclesfild.
Physical DescriptionParchment: 1 membrane 12" wide by 5", three seal labels each divided. Seals: Five pendant on three divided labels; from left, (1) green-round, 18mm diam, device a quatrefoil upon which a bar. (2) green, round, 18mm diam, device an animal with a trefoil in a border fleury. (3) brown, round, 20mm diam, legend unintelligible, device as (2). (4) green, round, 18mm diam, device a quatrefoil upon which a cross saltire. (5) green, round, 18mm diam (chipped), device a quatrefoil.
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