RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 5/16
TitleWrit of the sherriff of Cestris' written on the dorse (but vide notes infra) of a Writ of the earl of Cestr', the King, dated 21 September
Date25 Sep 1373
DescriptionApud Cestr'.

Writ of Lawrence de Sotton, chivalier, sheriff of Cestris' [Chester] to the Bailiff of the Liberty of the Hundred of Macclisfeld [Macclesfield], conveying to the bailiff the import of a writ "pre-cipe" of the earl of Cestr' [Chester] to the sheriff (on the back of which the sheriff's letter is written; v. infra) concerning a moiety of the manor of Bolynton [Bollington] in dispute between William de Dounes of Schriglegh (alias Scriglegh) [Pott Shrigley] and Thomas de Doutton; who claims it as his right and inheritance, saying that William de Dounes has no right of entry save under a lease made by Hugh de Doutton father of Thomas to William de Dounes senior, the term of which is expired, whereupon the estate should revert to him, Thomas.

On the other side of the doct;-

21 September 1373 (47 Edw.III) apud Cestr'.

Writ "Precipe" of Edward addressed to the sheriff of Cestris'r [Chester], ordering that William de Dounes of Shriglegh [Pott Shrigley] is justly and without delay to give back to Thomas de Dutton Kt., a moiety of the manor of Bolynton [Bollington] iuxta Tideryngton [Tytherington] with its appurtenances, which Thomas claims to be his right and inheritance and in which the said William has not entry save by virtue of a lease made thereof by Hugh de Dutton father of the aforesaid Thomas (whose heir Thomas is) to William de Dounes of Shriglegh [Pott Shrigley] senior; the term of which lease has expired, where-upon the estate should revert to Thomas.

Latin (both docts).
Mark: D. r. 17. 47.E.3.
Physical DescriptionParchment: 1 membrane 12" wide by 2" written both sides, two instruments. Seal: Tongue along bottom edge, joined left in relation to the doct. dated 25 Sept., joined right in relation to that dated 21 Sept., (formally this should infer the sheriff's letters to be the original instrument, and the earl's writ to be a transcript endorsement of them). No seal.
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