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Repository Cheshire Record Office
Level Collection (Fonds)
Reference DIC
Title Imperial Chemical Industries
Date 18th century - 20th century
Description Brunner Mond & Co Ltd, of Winnington, alkali manufacturers: articles of partnership etc 1872-1906, minutes 1881-1929, financial records 1872-1927, annual reports and balance sheets of 1900-28, sales and production records 1884- 1926, correspondence 1871-1925, personnel records 1875-1923, technical and patent records 1860-1939, process records 1873-1932, engineering records 1893-1932, shareholders records 1887-1927, estate records for Winnington 1870-93 and Wincham 1749-1885, photographs, plans and drawings c. 1860- 1909, records of works at Lostock 1896-1948, Middlewich 1891-1962, Sandbach 1873-1910 and Silvertown 1893-1901 (DIC/BM 1- 19, DDX 570) Brunner Mond subsidiaries: records include those of Ammonia Soda Co Ltd 1907-19, Cassel Cyanide 1884- 1942, Castner Kellner Alkali Ltd 187 1-c. 1960, Chance and Hunt Ltd 1833-c. 1965, Electro-Bleach and By- Products Ltd 1900-28, Magadi Soda 20th cent., Synthetic Ammonia and Nitrates Ltd 1920-6 (DIC/BM 20) United Alkali Co Ltd: agenda and minutes 1890-1928, annual reports and balance sheets 1892-1926, agreements 1887-1947, correspondence 1871-1925, personnel records 1897-1929, technical and legal records 1867-1933, estate records 1728-1919, printed material 1870-1977, photographs 1893-c. 1920, maps, plans and drawings 1721-1944, records of various works, national and international c. 1 854-c. 1948 (DIC/UA) Chemical and Metallurgical Corporation Ltd: minutes 1919-33, registers of sealed documents 1919-29, correspondence 1920-31 (DIC/CMC) Salt Union, salt manufacturers: minutes 1888-1937, annual reports and balance sheets 1888-1953, sales and patent records 1890-195 1, correspondence 1869-1922, personnel records 1889-1933, process records 1909- 54, estate records 1562-1922, printed material and miscellanea 1849-1961, photographs 1897-1950, plans 19th and 20th cents., Droitwich Patent Salt Co minutes 1862-83 (DIC/SU, D 1108, D 3680)
Location Held offsite - consult staff
Access Conditions Partly held offsite -consult staff. Access to records containing personal information is subject to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018.
Administrative History Formed in 1926 from the amalgamation of Brunner Mond & Co Ltd, United Alkali Co Ltd, Nobel Industries Ltd and the British Dyestuffs Corporation. Records chiefly comprise those of the predecessor companies Brunner Mond and United Alkali, with only a few of ICI itself, c. 1926-50, and of companies subsequently taken over by ICI: the Chemical and Metallurgical Corporation Lid in 1933, and the Salt Union in 1937. The Brunner Mond records include those of subsidiary companies
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