RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 5/1
TitleLetter of Attorney
Date3 May 1528
DescriptionParties: 1. Roger Downes Esq son and heir of Robert Downes, Peter Leghe son and heir of Peter Leghe Esq, Edward Waren son and heir of Lawrence Waren, Edward Fytton of Gawsworth, William Davenport of Bromhall [Bramhall] son of William Davenport senior, William Davenport of Bromhall [Bramhall] son of William Davenport junior, Robert Huyde son of Thomas Huyde of Norbury, Robert Huyde son of Hamo Huyde of Norbury, Thomas Davenport of Henbury, John Davenport son of John Sutton of Sutton, Richard Sutton junior son of the sd Richard Sutton of Sutton, Roger Shrigley of Beristowe [Beristall], Jasper Worthe son of Shewall Worthe of Tedryngton [Tytherington], John Ardern son of Ralph Ardern, Ralph Ardern junior son of the sd John Ardern, John Downes of Ouerton [Overton], Reginald Downes son of the sd John, Robert Downes brother of the afsd John, Richard Downes son of the afsd Robert Downes, Roger Jowdrell, Anthony Shalcrosse, Jude de Stafford, John Davenport de Widford, William Davenport son of the afsd John Davenport, 2. Henry Baker, John Vnwyn, Hugh Hoghe vicar of St. Lawrence in the Isle of Thanet (in Insula de Thaneto), and Richard Thrillewynd.

Warrant for entry and seisin in all those the lands and tenements of party 1 in Bolyngton [Bollington] within the forest of Macclesfeld [Macclesfield] together with a field called Asshenholmes in the sd town which belonged to Geoffrey del Downes gentleman; with all other lands etc., in Moburley [Mobberley] which Richard Sutton uncle of the afsd John Sutton with Robert Downes recovered in the Court of the County of Chester held there on Tuesday 22 September 1489 upon writ Of Right against James Leghe rector of the church of Routhosturen and Reginald Leghe of Blakebroke Esq; with all the other lands and tenements and the several rights appurtenant thereto in the town of Alseger [Alsager] in the parish of Bertomley [Barthomley] called Ormeswode or Ormeshalge; with all those messuages etc., in the parish of Glossop or elsewhere in the County of Derby which Peter Leghe and Lawrence Waren with Geoffrey Downes of London and others now decsd lately had by grant of Richard Birchinhalgh late of the sd parish of Glossop; with all those lands etc., in the parish of Mynster in the Isle of Thanet in the County of Kent or elsewhere in co. Kent which William Davenport senior Esq, James Downes and William Kynder and others now dcsd lately had by grant of William Hamo; which the afsd William Davenport senior Esq, James Downes, William Kynder, Peter Leghe, Lawrence Waren, and John Sutton conveyed by deed to the parties of the first part.

Mark: P: g. 7. 20.H.8.
Physical DescriptionParchment: 1 membrane 14½" wide by 7½". Seals: Pendant on 8 labels, 12 extant and 9 missing; (1) red, round 18mm diam, device a stag, (2) missing, (3) red, round 13mm diam, device a "W", (4) missing, (5) defaced, (6), (7) blobs of red wax, (8) missing, (9) blob, (10), (11) red, effaced, (12) missing, (13) blob, (14), (15) missing, (16) blob, (17), (18) missing, (19) & (20) blobs, (21) missing.
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